Some videos with Kira

28. ledna 2008 v 20:43 |  YouTube
Walking and Love Is All

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1 Jasmine Jasmine | E-mail | 21. dubna 2008 v 5:09 | Reagovat

I hate to say it but the truth is that Kira is just boring. She has no style, She is a bad singer, she has no rhythm, she should not be on the stage, Her outfits are ugly and boring, she needs a haircut, her hair is dowdy and boring. She has bucked teeth and her face is just so plain and boring!

Kira is just very boring!

I know for a fact the other band members only tolerate Kira, but they really get sick of her on stage when she has no talent, all fans shouting when she sings like she is good but she is not. It makes other band members mad, can't blame them.. What was Angelo thinking to put her in the band? I wish she would just sit in the crowd and shut up.

2 Simone Simone | E-mail | Web | 4. června 2008 v 22:42 | Reagovat

Jasmine - it is your opinion, but I think that Kira is very nice woman.. and she isn´t boring.. I think that Angelo was put her in the band to be with her.. He is singer but he wants to be with his wife.. and she too...

No she is not singer but her sing is OK, it isn´t so bad!

PS- this blog is for her fans , not for people who don´t like her.. thanks

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